Bridesmaid Blues

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Are you financially straining yourself to be in her wedding? If you are, think long and hard about if you think you will stay friends with her after her wedding?

Bridesmaid Blues

Weddings bring out the worst in many people so it sounds like me like this may be a friendship that needs to fizzle. ETA: I would absolutely talk to the bride and tell her that your budget is X. Do not budge. She doesn't get to haphazardly spend your money. Report 3 Reply. I wish I was joking. Report 0 Reply. First of all - weigh ins? Your weight is none of her damn business.

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Personally, I would tell her so, but perhaps you're more patient than I am. If she insists that your hair should be professionally styled, she should be paying for everyone's hair. I think if you and some of the other girls went to her individually to express your concerns, in a non-confrontational way, she should understand. Is she normally like this? Report 2 Reply. Okay, I guess I skimmed This girl is a total bitch and you should keep it moving. Seriously, fuck that shit. She does want our hair styled in a certain way. So far she wants us to pay for it. This is really stressing me out.

We were so close and now she's a completely different person. It's like once the wedding planning started she became a thoughtless bitch. I don't know if I want to have our relationship fizzle but it may just happen. I guess I just need to put on my big girl panties and let her know what's up.

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I was pretty sure dye lots were BS! RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member. No way in hell would I stand up for this selfish, shallow brat in any wedding, anywhere. Viczaesar Central Coast, CA member. She would have lost me at weigh-ins.

Adios BSC! HisGirlFriday13 member. SarieLittle83 said:. Second bold: Did she a ask you what your price range was and b keep the dress at or under that? If not, just say no. That list of stuff you have to pay for? No you don't. Otherwise, you're free to wear shoes you already own in a reasonable colour she specifies such as 'black' or 'nude' not 'coral' or 'hydrangea' , jewellery you already own, do your own make-up, and do your own hair. The dye batch crap is a load of horseshit that salons which work on commission like to tell brides, so they'll get ALL the BMs dresses and alterations business.

How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues

You're totally fine ordering it from a store local to you -- providing, of course, it's within your budget. Quite frankly, this bride sounds like a raging bridezilla and I'd consider dropping out if I were you. Just say NO! No I will not do weekly weigh ins seriously who thinks of this stuff! No I will not buy a dollar dress if I can't try it on. Tell her you will buy the dress at the shop near you.

For my sisters wedding, we all got our bm dresses at different stores same designer and they were all the exact same color. And do not buy shoes, jewelry, or hair and makeup for this wedding. If the bride wants this stuff very specific then she needs to pony up the cash for it. Thanks ladies! I appreciate it. I just wanted to weigh in quickly about the dye lots issue. My 4 bridesmaids all ordered dresses from the same designer in the same material and color, but different styles.

So 2 dresses were from one dye lot, and the other 2 were from 2 different dye lots. There was a definite difference in the color between the 2 dresses from the other dye lots- enough that we thought they had ordered the dresses in a different shade. That being said, no one especially me cared about the color discrepancy. But you could tell they were different colors.

See a Problem?

That aside, weekly weigh-ins are invasive, unkind, and just downright ludicrous. If you still really want to be in this wedding, see if you can get the dress pre-owned on eBay. Never mind dye lots, that's a non-starter. Report 1 Reply. KeptInStitches the Northern Plains member. Run, Forrest, run! Run far!

Run fast! This woman is not being your friend right now. If she freaks out when you talk to her, that's on her because she's being completely unreasonable. Holy shit!

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This girl is not your friend. Drop out of the wedding before you buy the dress. I really thought weigh-ins were things you'd only see on Bridezillas and I always assumed a lot of that was MUD. But to actually hear that someone in real life has done this - WOW. If I were you, I would back out of being a BM because this bride is a raging, psycho bitch. I'm sure her marriage, not to mention her friendships, will last. Report 7 Reply. But there is also always some reason in madness. Um, your friend is being a bitch. Weigh-ins alone are bitchy bridezilla, and insisting you skype it?

And on top of that doing bridezilla things like asking you to buy an expensive dress and accessories, hair, etc? Some of the references to years gone by had me laughing out loud and cringing simultaneously Coming from a northern English city, I related easily to the settings and the pace of daily life as long-hidden memories to my own past exploits suddenly re-emerge from a dark corner of my memory. Ms Sinclair's writing flows, injected her heart-felt descriptions of Newcastle and topped off with humorous dialogue kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could read. Go on then, pull up a chair, stick a stapler in your handbag and make yourself at home.

A young woman, not as confident as you think who is single and suddenly surrounded by friends pursuing their Happy Ever After , when she has no significant other. It's the beginning of the end of life as she knows it when talking weddings and preparations take priority. With no airs and graces, what you see is what you get with Luce and it's refreshing if a little sad sometimes. Set in the present time, the narrative manages to inspire nostalgia.

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I don't usually choose to read books set in and around my own neck of the woods; where I lived and grew up. However, I'll definitely seek out more such titles as their familiarity adds an unexpected sentimentality I heartily enjoyed and didn't know I missed. However, this novel has broad appeal and it is a must-have holiday read wherever you choose to relax Tracey Sinclair works as a freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared online and in print in magazines as diverse as Sky, Printer's Devil, Yours and Woman's Weekly, and has been performed on the radio. She is theatre lover and regular contributor to online theatre magazine Exeunt www.