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Startby rounding overthefrontfaceof the boardat the edgesandends page ,Ihen switchto a pilotedbeadbit.


To helpyoufeedtheworkpiece, clampa featherboard to thetable,braced witha support board. Feedthebackboard intothe bit on edge,keeping thefront facepressed against thefence.

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Thenturn the boardoverandrepeattheprocedure to routthebeadontheopposite edge righil. Previous page Next page. I I For the modern woodworker,the pegboards alsorevealthe Shakerdevotion to craft. Published on Sep 30, I put a great deal of thought into my furniture to make sure that each piece is intelligently designed to fullfil it's function, is well proportioned with simple, clean, crisp details and is constructed with the best materials and joinery. While doing all of this I also keep in mind that most people don't have an unlimited budget for furniture.

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Shaker and Mission inspired designs are ideal for building furniture that is functional and beautiful yet still affordable. In addition, I sell my furniture only directly to consumers through this website and my showroom in Putney, VT.

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This eliminates gallery or retailer mark ups which are considerable. While my furniture isn't inexpensive it is priced very fairly and is an excellent value. I've tried to include as much information on my website as you would get if you visited my shop and showroom to see my furniture and talked with me personally.

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Here are my suggestions on how to proceed from here:. You can keep up with what we're doing on a daily basis by following us on Facebook , viewing a live streaming video of what's happening in the workshop or reading my occasional blog posts. This is definitely a work of art. You recognize the craftsmanship with all your senses and the time and pride it took to build each piece.

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It is the culmination of everything being done just right, by people who know the craftsman's art of handmade custom wood furniture. Each piece in made here in our shop in the state of Washington.

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  4. The select woods we use in our hand built wood furniture are from historic structures. The majority of our new wood species come from trees that have been recycled instead of becoming mulch or firewood. Each piece that we make is one of a kind.