Dark Energy as Evidence for Extra Dimensions

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This puzzling result makes sense if one assumes that the boundary stars are feeling the gravitational effects of an unseen mass — dark matter — in a halo around the galaxy. Dark matter could also explain certain optical illusions that astronomers see in the deep universe.

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For example, pictures of galaxies that include strange rings and arcs of light could be explained if the light from even more distant galaxies is being distorted and magnified by massive, invisible clouds of dark matter in the foreground-a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing. Scientists have a few ideas for what dark matter might be. One leading hypothesis is that dark matter consists of exotic particles that don't interact with normal matter or light but that still exert a gravitational pull.

Dark Energy

Several scientific groups, including one at CERN's Large Hadron Collider, are currently working to generate dark matter particles for study in the lab. Other scientists think the effects of dark matter could be explained by fundamentally modifying our theories of gravity.

According to such ideas, there are multiple forms of gravity, and the large-scale gravity governing galaxies differs from the gravity to which we are accustomed. Dark energy is even more mysterious, and its discovery in the s was a complete shock to scientists. Previously, physicists had assumed that the attractive force of gravity would slow down the expansion of the universe over time.

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Dark Matter, Dinosaurs, and Extra Dimensions

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    Extra dimensions, gravitons, and tiny black holes | CERN

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    The LHC, dark matter and extra dimensions.

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