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An unresolved problem in neuroscience is to determine the relevant timescale for understanding spatiotemporal dynamics of the brain. Here, the authors introduce a new framework to study the different timescales through binning the output of a generative model of neural activity. Article 15 January Open Access. To explain the neural correlates of behavior and its variability, one must analyze single-trial population dynamics. Here, the authors develop a statistical method that extracts low-dimensional dynamics that explain behavior better than high-dimensional neural activity revealing unexpected structure.

Article 17 December Open Access.

Planar Dynamical Systems : Selected Classical Problems

Noisy gene expression leading to phenotypic variability can help organisms to survive in changing environments. Here, Patange et al. Article 23 August Open Access. Causality inference in time series analysis based on temporal precedence principle between cause and effect fails to detect mutual causal interactions.

Here, Yang et al. Article 30 July Open Access. Coordination of neural activity between distant brain areas is necessary for cognition. Article 27 June Open Access. Brain activity is driven, in part, by external stimuli and demands, but internal brain states also change over time. Here, the authors use a novel Bayesian algorithm to track dynamic transitions between hidden neural states in human brain activity and to relate brain dynamics with behavior.

Article 14 March Open Access. A major goal of epilepsy research is understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of seizure.

Poisson-Gamma dynamical systems

Here, the authors extend the Epileptor neural mass model into a neural field model, in order to provide a unified and patient-specific model of seizure initiation, propagation, and termination. Article 20 December Open Access. FORCE training is a. Here the authors implement FORCE training in models of spiking neuronal networks and demonstrate that these networks can be trained to exhibit different dynamic behaviours.

Dynamical Systems by Example | Luís Barreira | Springer

Article 12 December Open Access. Though the amplitude and frequency of neural oscillations in the alpha band are related to dissociable visual processes, they are not independent mathematically. Here, the authors show that fluctuations in instantaneous frequency predict alpha amplitude during visual discrimination tasks. Article 17 November Open Access.

Cybergenetics aims to monitor and regulate cellular processes in real-time using computer monitoring and feedback of biological readouts. Here the authors use a feedback loop and periodic forcing to maintain cells with a bistable synthetic circuit near its unstable state. Article 21 September Open Access. Active locomotion requires closed-loop sensorimotor co ordination between perception and action. Here the authors show using behavioural, imaging and modelling approaches that gaze orientation during phototaxis behaviour in larval zebrafish is related to oscillatory dynamics of a neuronal population in the hindbrain.

Article 09 August Open Access. Focal cortical seizures result from local and widespread propagation of excitatory activity. Here the authors employ widefield calcium imaging in mouse visual areas to demonstrate that these seizures start as local synchronous activation and then propagate along the connectivity that underlies normal sensory processing. Article 18 July Open Access. The influence of insulin on food preference and the corresponding underlying neural circuits are unknown in humans. Here, the authors show that increasing insulin changes food preference by modulating mesolimbic neural circuits, and that this pattern is changed in insulin-resistant individuals.

Article 11 April Open Access. Protein RNA interactions are dynamic and regulated in response to environmental changes. Article 04 October Open Access. Modelling of chaos and oscillations is usually done indirectly and quantitatively by fitting models to a finite number of data-points. Here, a qualitative framework is developed where the characteristics of the underlying dynamical system are directly specified, revealing new properties of such systems. Article 13 September Open Access.

Quantum Dynamical Systems

The paradigm of reservoir computing shows that, like the human brain, complex networks can perform efficient information processing. Here, a simple delay dynamical system is demonstrated that can efficiently perform computations capable of replacing a complex network in reservoir computing. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Article 03 September Open Access Propagation of temporal and rate signals in cultured multilayer networks The nature of the signals that propagate through feedforward networks is not well understood.

This article is about the general aspects of dynamical systems. For technical details, see Dynamical system definition. For the study, see Dynamical systems theory. For other uses, see Dynamical disambiguation.

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Static and Dynamic Systems

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