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On this layer, e-Government is depends on the form of Government and the consti- concerned with the re-engineering and adaptation of tution of the respective country. Aspects and requirements for integrated one- mented into functional units that are independent of stop Government each other. E-Government—and specifically one- stop Government—calls for an integration and net- A current trend of innovative developments is working of public authorities, which will have a one-stop Government. It refers to a single point of tremendous impact on organizational structures and access to electronic services and information offered responsibilities, on data access and on the way by different public authorities.

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Online one-stop Gov- governmental work will be performed in the future. It further requires that [2], which was presented to the German public about the customer is able to access these services in a one year ago. With e-Envoy 1 all A key issue for presenting and structuring in- public services available online until , the UK formation and services in one-stop Government has also set an important initiative towards e-Gov- systems is that the customer does not need specific ernment and towards an integration of e-Government knowledge of the functional fragmentation of the implementations throughout the country.

However, public sector. One of the key issues in this communication services to citizens and custom- program is to meet the user demands for flexible ers, transactions of goods and services via the access, for everybody, from anywhere and at any Internet change requests for public activity; time. Current developments and different stages of service performance simple initiatives are, however, still far away from such information gathering; interacting with an au- next-generation virtual administrations obtainable thority; contracting online application ; service with a few simple mouse clicks.

Such an approach i. It requires that the whole fan of electroni- well as administrative processes in a user-friendly cally mediated communication is put together and way. Structuring according to life-events represents that external and internal processes are brought one core design issue. Any life — or business — event together in a smooth manner. These stages correspond system and, as such, as a unit of: individual citizens, to cf. Government system.

An holistic reference framework for eGOV. Smooth integration of the various requirements for the different user groups: aspects and their mutual interdependencies is im- citizens, businesses, public administration em- portant. The consortium consists of 10 partners from the Information Architecture of Mok [12] and the Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece and Switzerland e-Government reference model of Lenk [8], who reflecting different forms of Government and public adopted the Schmid model for e-Government.

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What administrations throughout Europe. Further, the part- can be learned from these approaches is the multi- ners represent a balanced mixture of public and dimensional consideration from the strategic layer private research institutions, local and global public to the technical layer of distinct aspects organiza- administrations as well as technology providers.

General system architecture of the eGOV online one-stop Government platform. The SR will be the source containing the interpretations of online The main objective of the project is to specify, services in terms of data and information struc- develop, deploy and evaluate an integrated platform tured around the life-events and according to the for realizing online one-stop Government [15].

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The respective governmental processes , while the eGOV platform will allow the public sector to SCE will be a framework a collection of tools provide citizens, business partners and administrative that will serve as the front-end to the SR. This order to support the citizen-centered approach platform will be deployed and evaluated in Austria, of eGOV. Greece and Switzerland.

It will be im- plemented as an XML derivative that should 1. The portal will feature a number of municipality and provincial authority and verti- advanced characteristics, for example access cally e. Government system architecture where the portal 2. As the figure indicates, users such as reader is referred to technical reports available at www. In the following, two ideas are phones, handhelds PDA , etc.

Many of the po- ing environment will be accompanied by a study of tential push services in the different fields of process models. Many requests effective. Even if a complex transaction is running, certain input 4. One global access point with different devices or information may be communicated via mo- bile devices, e.

Internet from home, from public kiosks, from service centers or service points spread over populated areas. In some cases, access may portal is divided into three major phases: even be provided on the move where a portable PC is connected to the Internet through wireless com- 1.

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The device used to enter such information and services In the analysis phase, different user groups have might be any kind of handheld device PDAs, mobile been interviewed. Three different questionnaires for phones, etc. Here, wireless application protocols citizens, for businesses, and for public administra- WAP will be the connecting glue to link the tions and structured interviews have been used to customer to the local services and information investigate the current situation, weaknesses and through the global access point. With advanced gender, experience with the Internet, size of busi- mobile technology, public administrations and gov- ness, business branch, hierarchical level of authority ernments are heading towards this vision.

Many new and role within the department or organizational services will grow in this field. The aim of the eGOV structure have been built. The questionnaires provided a quali- citizens and customers, process reorganization , tative study of the user needs and requirements for tele co-operation and knowledge. For future de- the technical and non-technical developments within velopments towards online one-stop Government, the project 4.

Based on these experiences and insights and The following discussion digs deeper into the together with the expert knowledge within the eGOV customer and process perspectives. Since the eGOV platform should 5.

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Business process types in the public sector reflect the next generation of governmental one-stop shop platforms, a further input has been state-of-the- The striking success of business process modeling art studies on processes, technologies, services and in the commercial domain of electronic business current platforms. For some process types, this may be realized, i. In general, governmental pro- eGOV portal, will be concretized and formulated. Routine processes are recurrent and well struc- investigated and developed. These process models tured. They can be treated in a similar way to reflect the basis for the following testing and evalua- business processes and are extensively formaliz- tion phase.

Some of and they also represent the basis for the scenarios to them can even be completely automated. Individualized case processing covers situations In the third phase, evaluation of the implemented where standard cases cannot be treated as such, platform and process models will be carried out. This because of the special circumstances the cus- evaluation will mainly be performed by the users that tomer is in e.

It requires much 5. Process models for one-stop Government interaction with the customer and high sensitivi- ty of the administrator in charge of the specific Developing an integrated online one-stop Govern- situation the applicant is in. Traunmuller and Lenk [16] suggest a dif- non-instrumental rationality is important and ferentiation of four perspectives to understand con- where secure and organized social welfare has to be established for the applicant.

Negotiation processes are characterized by a The respective deliverables reflecting the state-of-the-art report on processes, technologies, services and current platforms, the large amount of interaction and many parties questionnaire outcomes and the experiences gained therefrom are involved with partially contrary positions. Com- available at www. Further, citizens may still prefer to processes. Examples are the application for go to a public service point, where a public servant asylum or for a building permit. Weakly structured processes in the field of to complete. This is not just due to the fact that, for policy-making and democratic deliberation.

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For for a driving license or a passport or registering a psychological reasons, citizens will continue to ap- car. Yet, the core business of the public sector is pear personally at the service counter or citizen characterized by a large amount of non-instrumental office in order to consume a public service. Hence, it rationality, a certain degree of discretionary power follows that much of the work burden will fall on the by the administrator in charge and the many parties front-office workers that interact with their customers involved in the process.

To exploit the full potential of Summing up, online one-stop Government plat- online one-stop Government, the big challenge is to forms have to meet the particular needs of citizens, effectively map the different types of Government business partners as well as public administration processes to an integrated platform and to support staff in distinct ways. In the next section, the eGOV collaborative processes via electronic media.

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Different user groups in one-stop Government for distinct user groups. Public administration is a huge unit serving—with some kind of monopolistic position—individuals and collective private and public customers. To meet 6. Legal issues framing governmental processes the peculiar requirements of the different clients in one-stop Government, a careful investigation of their A specific aspect of the public sector has to do needs is required.

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The traditional way of imple- Considering many of the current approaches to menting political decisions and of observing stan- modern Government, these are mainly directed to- dards of Rechtsstaat rule of law and public safety is wards citizen services. Yet, is this really the user legislation. Especially in continental Europe, public group with the highest potential for improvement and administrations are highly regulated by legislation added-value when implementing one-stop Govern- which is enacted on national, regional and local ment?

Of course, public administration has to serve every There are several points where legal competence citizen. This is an obligatory responsibility of au- may impact the development and implementation of thorities and public service points. Yet, who are the e-Government processes and, specifically, the de- users benefiting most from online one-stop Govern- velopments in eGOV.

Legal interpretation is an ment? Further, it is an activity that is is made between three different user groups: citizens, invoked when the boundaries of automation are businesses and public administrations themselves. Moreover, judicial decrees have to be Obviously, businesses have more frequent contact persistent for a given administrative field. The legal structuring of administrative work has several functions. It can be seen both as a restricting and as a guiding force.

In the concept of the 7. Reflections on social impacts Rechtsstaat, norms serve to protect basic freedoms of the citizenry from public interference. At the same e-Government has become an important domain time, legal norms are a standard vehicle of communi- where modern telecommunication facilities provide a cation between Government and executive agencies. Browse by subject. Conferences and Meetings on e-Business, e-Government Select a location.

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