Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry

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Channel Inclusion Compounds.

Chemical Topology. Chiral Guest Recognition. Chiral Induction. Classical Descriptions.


Classification and Nomenclature. Clathrate Hydrates. Occurrence Uses. Clathrate Inclusion Compounds. Complexation of Fullerenes. Concave Reagents. Concepts in Crystal Engineering.

Encyclopedia of supramolecular chemistry pdf

Cryptands Bernard Dietrich. Molecular Modeling and Related Neutral Molecules. Molecular Containers K Travis Holman. Crystal Growth Mechanisms Nicholas Blagden.

Supramolecular chemistry

Racks Ladders and Grids Marius Andruh Molecular Squares Boxes and Cubes Cyclodextrins Jozsef Szejtli. Molecular Switches Resonance Spectroscopy. Emergence of Life Pall Thordarson. Each essay consists of an overview of research and a description of the theory as well as the description of the subject itself.

Atwood is in the department of chemistry at the U. Product Details Table of Contents. Edition description: New Edition Pages: Product dimensions: 8. Average Review. Write a Review. Dekker, Marcel Inc. The book has been thoroughly updated for this second edition.

In addition to the strengths of the very popular first edition, this comprehensive new version expands coverage into a broad range of emerging areas. Clear explanations of both fundamental and nascent concepts are supplemented by up-to-date coverage of exciting emerging trends in the literature.

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Numerous examples and problems are included throughout the book. A selection of the topics covered is listed below. Supramolecular Chemistry is a must for both students new to the field and for experienced researchers wanting to explore the origins and wider context of their work. Entries vary from single species to large groups; hence coverage is quite variable, though always informative. This volume will be useful for researchers and clinicians. Summing Up: Recommended.? At just under pages, the second edition of Steed and Atwood?

Chemistry World , August Jerry L.

He carried out graduate research with Galen Stuckey at the University of Illinois, where he obtained his Ph. He was immediately appointed as an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, where he rose through Associate Professor to full Professor in Professor Atwood is the author of more than scientific publications. His research interests revolve around a number of themes in supramolecular chemistry including gas storage and separation and the control of confi ned space.