Gulag Town, Company Town: Forced Labor and Its Legacy in Vorkuta

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It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to prison. See more. Jeffrey S. Hardy reveals how the vast Soviet penal system was reimagined and reformed in the wake of Stalin's death. Hardy argues that penal reform in the s was a serious endeavor intended to transform the Gulag into a humane institution that reeducated criminals into honest Soviet citizens.

Under the leadership of Minister of Internal Affairs Nikolai Dudorov, a Khrushchev appointee, this drive to change the Gulag into a "progressive" system where criminals were reformed through a combination of education, vocational training, leniency, sport, labor, cultural programs, and self-governance was both sincere and at least partially effective.

Galina Mikhailovna Ivanova. This is the first historical survey of the Gulag based on newly accessible archival sources as well as memoirs and other studies published since the beginning of glasnost.

David R. This fascinating documentary history is the first English-language exploration of Joseph Stalin's relationship with, and manipulation of, the Soviet political police. Although written as a narrative, it includes translations of more than documents from Soviet archives. Elinor Lipper. The shocking and absorbing account of life in the hell of the Soviet Gulag system is told in all his horrific details here by Elinor Lipper.

For my concern is not primarily with the foreigners in Soviet camps; it is rather with the fate of all the peoples who have been subjugated by the Soviet regime, who were born in a Soviet Republic and cannot escape from it. The events I describe are the daily experiences of thousands or people in the Soviet Union.

They are the findings of an involuntary expedition into an unknown land: the land of Soviet prisoners, of the guiltless damned. From that region I have brought back with me the silence of the Siberian graveyards, the deathly silence of those who have frozen, starved, or been beaten to death.

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This book is an attempt to make that silence speak. Alan Barenberg. With this book, Barenberg makes an important historical contribution to our understanding of forced labor in the Soviet Union and its enduring legacy.

Similar ebooks. Anne Applebaum. In the long-awaited follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag, acclaimed journalist Anne Applebaum delivers a groundbreaking history of how Communism took over Eastern Europe after World War II and transformed in frightening fashion the individuals who came under its sway. Stalin and his secret police set out to convert a dozen radically different countries to Communism, a completely new political and moral system.

In Iron Curtain, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anne Applebaum describes how the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were created and what daily life was like once they were complete. She draws on newly opened East European archives, interviews, and personal accounts translated for the first time to portray in devastating detail the dilemmas faced by millions of individuals trying to adjust to a way of life that challenged their every belief and took away everything they had accumulated. Today the Soviet Bloc is a lost civilization, one whose cruelty, paranoia, bizarre morality, and strange aesthetics Applebaum captures in the electrifying pages of Iron Curtain.

David Remnick. Remnick takes us through the tumultuous year period of Communist rule leading up to the collapse and gives us the voices of those who lived through it, from democratic activists to Party members, from anti-Semites to Holocaust survivors, from Gorbachev to Yeltsin to Sakharov. Caroline Elkins. A major work of history that for the first time reveals the violence and terror at the heart of Britain's civilizing mission in Kenya As part of the Allied forces, thousands of Kenyans fought alongside the British in World War II. Imperial Reckoning is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction.

Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine. Barenberg also discovered that many former prisoners of the Vorkuta Gulag chose to make the city of Vorkuta their permanent residence after being released. This helped Vorkuta sustain and, at times, even increase its population.

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In the post-Soviet period, Vorkuta began to see its population decrease, though it remains a city of approximately 70, residents today. Instead, he re-imagines the Gulag as integral to both the ideology of the Soviet system and as the physical center around which many Soviet citizens, prisoners and non-prisoners alike, arranged their lives. More broadly, Dr. In addition to coursework in translation and interpretation, she will research the differences between translation pedagogy in the United States and Russia.

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