Industrial Applications of Lasers

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This makes it faster and less prone to error than contact-intensive welding methods. Laser welding lends itself to automation on fast-moving shop floors. Part tracking is one of the most important aspects of logistics optimization. Virtually all major manufacturers have a global supply chain, so traceability is both vital and challenging. With laser engraving, almost any type of part can receive a permanent, direct mark: Text, graphics, a QR code, or any other symbol.

Materials Processing & Industrial Applications

Additive manufacturing is the formal term for the technology behind 3D printing — translation of 3D design data into a complete component through the accumulation of material in layers. When lasers are used in the process, both part repair and part fabrication are possible.


Lasers are ideal for re-working of costly metallic components that have worn down over time. Short pulse lasers can be used to process materials while producing virtually no heat affected zone. This allows them to machine plastics and brittle materials as well as they do metals. The greatest advantage of laser micromachining may be the ultra-high quality edges that can be produced.

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Even though laser technology has significantly matured, cutting is still a core application — and a major revenue generator. Cutting has become faster than ever thanks to new fiber and disk laser technology. Innovative diode lasers allow fast, efficient cutting of aluminum in ways that were not possible before. External control systems for lasers also offer new opportunities.

Laser drilling vaporizes a target material in tiny layers until a complete through-hole is created. Clean, uniform holes can be achieved in metals, polymer, and rubber. This has been a boon for the development of new medical devices: Flawless tubing can be readied for drug delivery, drainage, or facilitating access to a specific part of the body with surgical tools. All NCs will meet regularly in international meetings, organised by the international coordinator, to ensure coordination of the work and rapid dissemination of the results.

To ensure the transfer of the technology between the participants and to industry, participants will also be organised into international working groups, which shall meet regularly throughout the programme.

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All information will be collected by the Steering Committee, which will be reponsible for the progress report to the governmental representatives of the participating countries. Project ID:. Start date:. Project Duration:.

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Project costs:. Technological Area:. Market Area:.

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Nd:YAG Lasers for Industrial Applications

Lec - Lectra Systemes. Ipu - Institute For Product Development. Aido - Inst. Sopra S. Fraunhofer-institut Fuer Produktionstechnologie ipt. Austrian Research Centres Seibersdorf Ges. Exitech Limited.

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