Nanocomputing: computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology

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Alphabetical list of eJournals focused on Nanotechnology. IEEE nanotechnology magazine : for the 21st century technologist. Print only to Online since Nature nanotechnology.

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Diamond and related materials. IET nanobiotechnology. NIMS now international. IEEE journal of photovoltaics.

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All All Books Journals Catalog. My account My account Log in Pre-registration Forgotten password. Semiconductor nanostructures have huge potential as future quantum information devices as they provide various ways of qubit implementation electron spin, electronic excitation as well as a way to transfer quantum information from stationary qubits to flying qubits photons. Therefore, this book unites contributions from leading experts in the field, reporting cutting-edge results on spin qubit preparation, read-out, and transfer.

The latest theoretical as well as experimental studies of decoherence in these quantum information systems are also provided.


Novel demonstrations of complex flying qubit states and first applications of semiconductor-based quantum information devices are given, too. Addressing primarily students and scientists knowledgeable in quantum mechanics and some level of programming, he uses sample MATLAB programs to let the engaged reader experience and quantitatively reproduce many nanoscale phenomena explored by current frontier research in physics, chemistry and biology.

David Tomanek Michigan State University, USA This book provides a comprehensive overview of the computational physics for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Many generated graphical pictures demonstrate not only the principles of physics, but also the methodology of computing. The book starts with a review of quantum physics, quantum chemistry, and condensed matter physics, followed by a discussion on the computational and analytical tools and the numerical algorithms used. With these tools in hand, the nonlinear many-body problem, molecular dynamics, low dimensionality,and nanostructures are explored.

Special topics covered include the plasmon, the quantum Hall effect, chaos, and stochasticity.

1st Edition

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NANOCOMPUTING. Computational Physics for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - PDF

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The Mighty Power of Nanomaterials: Crash Course Engineering #23

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