Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD

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Unfortunately, I'm now dealing with health anxiety and am constantly obsessed over the fact that I am having or could have a heart attack or stroke at any moment or that I have some underlying illness diabetes, heart disease I've gone to urgent care multiple times and they assure me it's just anxiety, but I still get pretty scary and consistent symptoms heart palpitations, dizziness that has made me practically house-bound unless someone else is here to take me out, chest pains, numbness in my limbs, feeling like my face is drooping when it obviously isn't, and shortness of breath.

I know that it's all just anxiety, but the underlying thoughts when a symptom pops up "oh gosh, I'm dying, something is majorly wrong with me, I need to go to ER or urgent care RIGHT NOW, why do I keep getting dizzy if there's truly nothing wrong?? Then, when I'm not having a symptom, the thoughts still persist, "I'm not feeling dizzy now It's nighttime It's a shame that when you have OCD or anxiety, sometimes you think you're over one thing and something else pops up!!

I also wanted to say in this review that Dr. Martin Seif has been nothing short of professional and helpful. When I was in the throws of my constant dissociation, I would email him directly to ask for help and how to implement the techniques in this book to my unique situation and he ALWAYS replied personally to me within hours or a few days. As a busy professional, he didn't have to do this, but he did - he doesn't even know me and always reached out to me.

I have to thank him tremendously for all of the help he's been!

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Good luck to anyone out there struggling mentally. Mental issues can rob you of your happiness, willpower and joy of life. I would have never thought that the worst my anxiety and OCD would be would be right after having my first child I've come to realize that my issues are almost all focus or obsessive-related. The more I obsess and fight with the thoughts, sensations or whatever might be bothering me at the moment, the more it causes anxiety and panic. Unfortunately, simply knowing this doesn't help; it does require practice and persistence, but it's obtainable.


Thank you again and I fully recommend this book!! August 4, - Published on Amazon.

What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

I got this book to help my son 11 years overcoming his unjustified fears and intrusive thoughts. This wasn't my first attempt, I tried different approaches before which didn't work, and caused more frustration than any actual help. However, this book definitely worked for me. There were some sticky bad thoughts that finally disappeared.

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I also tried to explain to my son in simplified context what intrusive thoughts are, and why they stick for some people based on this book. I was really happy to see him understand and try independently to adopt the approach outlined in the book to address those thoughts alone and without my help. Exposure and Response Prevention for Pure-O is theoretically based on the principles of classical conditioning and extinction. The spike intrusive thought often presents itself as a paramount question or disastrous scenario e. A therapeutic response is one that answers the spike intrusive thought in a way that leaves ambiguity.

How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts in 3 Different Ways

I'll live with the possibility and take the risk he'll fire me tomorrow. Using this procedure, it is imperative that the distinction be made between the therapeutic response and rumination. The therapeutic response does not seek to answer the question but to accept the uncertainty of the unsolved dilemma.

Acceptance and commitment therapy ACT is a newer approach that also is used to treat purely obsessional OCD, as well as other mental disorders such as anxiety and clinical depression. Mindfulness-based stress reduction MBSR may also be helpful for breaking out of rumination and interrupting the cycle of obsessing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts

For the other meaning of this acronym, see Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction. Not to be confused with Obsessive—compulsive disorder or Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Coping with OCD. New Harbinger Publications. Page Journal of Clinical Psychology. Hales, Stuart C.

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts: How to Gain Control of Your OCD by Christine Purdon

Yudofsky, Glen O. Denys, F. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders. Intrusive Thoughts. Retrieved Steketee, R.

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