Practically Investing: Smart Investment Techniques Your Neighbour Doesnt Know

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Another thing I wanted to stress here is the time you spend on managing your portfolio. Time is money. Who is better? That would be still an excellent piece of advice that would generate high returns for your portfolio in the long term. Does investing in stocks stop here? There are those who want to go further and pick individual stocks because you want to learn and find this process interesting. Buffett says that he makes mistakes all the time picking stocks. Imagine how risky it is for an amateur investor.

You should avoid companies that use a competitive pricing model, ie. How do you expect to become rich by investing in companies that constantly squeeze their profit margins in order to survive in a highly competitive market? Less profit margins means less dividends for the investors. On the contrary, they make products which are easily substitutable in the market in the case their price is raised.

Investing in price competitive businesses is quite risky. These companies are fantastic examples of technological progress and innovation and do only good to the humanity. You should invest in companies that are nearly monopolies in their field and create innovative products. Apple designs great phones for which customers are willing to pay a premium. The company uses a customer value-based pricing model to price its products. This means that an increased customer perceived value allows the company to safely increase its prices. Coca Cola is a massive US company with an all increasing market share worldwide.

Its sugary products are highly addictive and are sold frequently. Take a look now at the semiconductor industry with companies like Intel, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor. This sector is highly competitive with all the participants fighting to make the next fastest chip.

The one who wins will very quickly gain most of the market share in a blink of an eye. This type of companies is ideal for speculators who are waiting to get access to the latest information and news to buy or sell and make quick profits. However, as said before, this guide does not intend to teach you speculation. Here, we believe in long-term Warren Buffett style investing with all our heart. A typical investor is not able to visit the company offices, speak to the CEO, spend hours in factories and offices to determine whether to invest in a company.

Different companies are run by different managers, have different growth prospects, follow different accounting practices even if they operate in the same business sector. The earnings of course go to the owners, ie. This ratio shows how much new investors are willing to pay for every dollar that a company makes in profit. Remember that the ratio takes into account the current market price of the stock.

Most of the time, when people are not pessimistic, the market price reflects the real value of the business. So, if investors assign a low price to the share of the company, it means that they see no growth in the future and expect the earnings to go down. Take for example Amazon whose share price has been enjoying a rally lately. This means investors must see future in this company to value it so high. There may be some truth there, there may be not. Which company can one compare Amazon with? Another useful ratio is the Price to Book Ratio which compares the price of the stock to the book value of the company.

You can calculate this ratio by dividing the current share price by the book value per share. The numerator reflects the market value of equity whereas the denominator the book value of equity. In most cases, the market value of a business will be higher than the book value. The book value of equity shows the net worth of the company assets — debt if the owners would decide to close the company down and sell it tomorrow.

Take the example of a company paying a higher premium to acquire another company. The premium reflects the goodwill , ie. In theory no one would want to pay something for a liability, ie. A company needs money capital to grow. How does a company get this capital? It can either borrow money debt, short-term or long-term or invite others to share ownership in the company by going public equity.

In the end, the company pays back its lenders and also makes additional profits for its owners that would have been impossible to make, had it not borrowed the money. Talking about equity, the company decides to share ownership with people like you and me who buy its stock. This way, the company is willing to share future profits with other investors in the future.

Because the company has a specific plan to grow with the money that is going to receive from investors like you and me. The extra profits would have been impossible without the shared ownership, ie. The owners of a company which goes public aim to make more money through sharing the profits with others like you and me. They aim at a win-win for themselves and other investors. A good company is one which uses the raised capital debt or equity in an optimal way to make profits.

A few companies fail to make good use of the raised capital and go bankrupt. Obviously, you want to stay away from them. Now, think about this. You have a Company A that takes capital x and produces 1. Which company would you be willing to invest your money? Company B. Because company B took the same capital and made more money.

So, it looks like the engine of Company B assets, people, management, etc.

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Pay attention, I said similar company. Different industry sectors have different profit margins. You can find these ratios on websites like valueline. Does this mean that you should rush to buy a stock which meets this criterion? Valuation is another according to Warren Buffett. There is no point in paying too much even for a great company. Another ratio to look at is the Return on Equity ratio ROE which shows how efficiently a company reinvests its retained earnings , ie. Before defining ROE we need to understand a few things first. You check online or in a newspaper to see how much others are asking for the exact same car.

If you wanted to sell a company that is listed on NYSE, what would you do to work out a fair price for the whole company? So, an idea is to take the total number of shares and multiply them by the current market price on NYSE. Now, the owners could ask a crazy amount of money for the ownership of their company, car, or whatever. What are its assets? How much money does it owe to its lenders liabilities? So, if I sold everything that belongs to this company today and paid back for all its liabilities, how much would I be left in my pocket?

This means that the owners truly value their company and expect its book value to increase because the company is doing exceptional work, producing new products, expanding abroad to new markets, and so on. In other words, the company will generate more assets in the future which will bring its book value up.

And something else. Forget the future profits. In that case, the market value is less than the book value market price — discount to the book value. The ROE is an additional ratio that an investor should look at to determine how efficiently a company is using retained earnings the profits that reinvests into the business. The point here is that if the business is not generating more assets by reinvesting the profits, it should better be returning the profits back to its owners in the form of dividends. So, would an investor invest in a company that neither pays dividends nor makes efficient use of the money invested by shareholders?

To summarise, debt or equity is capital, ie. Imagine a company as a motor engine. How much power does it give back when you give it a small amount of extra fuel? Every year a public company announces its earnings. The earnings obviously go to the owners in the form of dividends. Dividends can be paid out either in a form of a cheque cash or the investors can choose to reinvest them by buying more shares of the company. A company usually provides additional incentives to those who want to reinvest their dividends.

For example, the company offers additional shares at a discount price. In any case, especially small investors who want to avoid paying commision fees to brokers for buying more shares choose to increase their holdings instead of a dividend cheque. So, just like a coupon bond gives back coupon payments to its holders, a stock gives back dividends to its owners.

Part of the earnings is reinvested so the business grows and generates more profits in the future. The earnings that are reinvested are called retained earnings. The investors are happy with the business keeping some earnings to create more growth in the future. This is what you would do if you owned a family business yourself.

So, as an investor, you want to see growth coming from reinvesting the earnings. So, by looking at stocks this way, we realise that they are similar to bonds which offer regular coupon payments and a final payment face value of the initial amount invested by the bondholder investor. To determine whether a stock is overpriced or underpriced you can look at its dividend yield.

Yield in general is the income return on an investment usually expressed as annual yield, ie. The dividend yield is the ratio of the dividends divided by the share price. Dividend yields is a tool for conservative investors who prefer to receive regular income from a company rather than putting all their hopes in future growth prospects. You should be looking at companies with a history of steady dividend yields.

If you want to check dividend yields for Coca Cola for example, you can go to a website like www. The share price over the last ten years — has almost doubled. Trailing dividend yield above means that future dividend yields are calculated based on the dividend payouts of the previous 12 months. There is another term called forward dividend yield which calculates the annual yield based on the latest dividend payout.

Buffett always encourages investors to invest in companies they understand. OK, you want to invest in this company. What does the company do? How does it make money? What makes you think it will keep making money in the future? If you are an expert in your sector and you understand a company, then go ahead. Maybe you are a surgeon and you see that a new company which specialises in medical appliances will change how the surgery will be done in the future. Then sure, go ahead and invest in that company.

Amazon has been enjoying an incredible success over the last few years. How could I, he says when I see new technologies overpassing old ones so quickly. For example, there is no company that makes radio equipment or televisions in America at the moment. Buffett did form an opinion on Coca Cola though, a company that has been around since Coca Cola sells 1.

Tech changes constantly, some buy Google, others sell Google but everyone drinks Coke! Buffett admitted at an annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway that he missed his chance to buy Google or Amazon. He stays in his circle of competence and is perfectly OK with that. The other piece of advice from Buffett is to invest in companies with good management. A good management acts in the interests of the shareholders. The management in Berkshire Hathaway has a very low turnover. Did the management deliver on their previous promises? If not, how did they explain the poor performance?

Did they attribute the failures only to a bad economy or market circumstances? Did they ever accept their mistakes? How much does the management get paid? Another good indicator is when a company buys back its own shares buyback or repurchase. A company usually buys back its shares when they think that the share is undervalued by the market. By buying back outstanding shares, the number of the available shares in the market goes down which makes the share price go up.

That benefits current shareholders. Buffett evaluates a company based on its return on retained earnings RORE.

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Remember, Buffett is looking to invest in companies for the long term, become part of the company and grow with the company. Giving back to the shareholders through dividends is definitely a good sign of acting in the interests of the shareholders but reinvesting and having a high RORE is an even better thing which shows growth prospects and more dividends in the future. There are lots of options online but you have to consider a few things when choosing the right broker. First and foremost, make sure you understand what is the cost your broker will charge you when you buy or sell shares.

There are different costs like fixed online platform costs and transaction costs based on your trading activity, ie. A fantastic site that you can use as a beginner to find the broker that suits your needs is Broker Chooser. On their site, you are asked a few of questions and they direct you to the best options based on your answers.

One of the best online broker platforms for someone entering the world of investing with a limited amount of investment capital is DeGiro. The only downside at the moment is that they are only operating in 18 countries in Europe as shown below. You are asked to explicitly declare that when you apply for a DeGiro account. For all of you based in the US or anywhere in the world I have another broker suggestion below.

DeGiro mission statement reads: DEGIRO seeks to make custom made financial planning and finance affordable for everyone around the globe. They have done exactly that! Anyone can start investing with any amount. No excuses guys. Become an investor. Buy 10 — 15 shares and become an owner of a company with growth prospects instead of buying a new pair of jeans. It will pay off long term. I opened an account with DeGiro a while ago on the UK website www.

You can literally open an account in ten minutes and start trading immediately. After you finish your registration, you have to also complete an appropriateness test in which you acknowledge the risks of trading and you also have to transfer money to your account. You have two options for that: 1 Using Sofort, a third party Instant Deposit Provider, 2 Manual transfer You use online banking or mobile banking and you send manually a payment to DeGiro as if it was a payment to an individual. Avoid losses from the very beginning.

After the transfer is completed, you will get access to the trading platform where you can buy stocks. You can search for particular shares using the search bar on the top. You can search by company name or ticker symbol.

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A ticker symbol or stock symbol is an abbreviation which uniquely identifies publicly traded shares on a particular stock exchange. Click on the first result you can see the stock exchange underneath — LSE. That will open up the relevant information and chart for Tesco. To buy shares you can then click buy on the right. In the following pop up window, you can enter how many shares you want to buy and either place a market order or a limit order Order Type.

A market order is a buy or sell order supposed to be executed immediately at the current market prices. I want them now! You can also place a buy limit order which means you set a price at which you want to buy the shares. When placing a limit order you also have to specify the time frame within which the limit order should remain active — valid. You can choose between day order or GTC in the Order duration drop-down menu. Day order means your limit order is valid until the end of the current trading day.

So, it can be executed in three days, two weeks, or never. Remember every transaction comes at a cost. DeGiro may be one of the cheapest brokers out there but they still charge fees in order to provide you with this platform and all this variety of products. Please have a look at a screenshot below with their fees as of March It makes no sense to buy fiver shares today, another five tomorrow, and another five next week. Do your research, buy a good number of shares of a good company at a competitive price and let them grow.

It makes no sense to look at the prices every day, every hour, every minute, every second! Remember what Buffett said. You should be comfortable to buy without having to check the price regularly. It makes no sense to keep your eyes on the screen getting excited. Forget your position and spend your time on things that matter like reading books, annual reports, financial statements, news, etc. Be an active reader and keep learning everyday. I think it was Paul Graham, the founder of YCombinator who said, the global productivity fell sharply in because of everyone is constantly checking the cryptocurrencies prices!

This in order to better protect and inform buyers. Many foreign issues still choose to write these documents in their own local language. These products will no longer be purchasable on our platform, starting from the 2nd of January, lasting until the language requirements are met. If you want to invest in individual stocks rather than in an index fund you can open an account with Interactive Brokers. The fees that brokerage firms out there charge are outrageous! Slow down, you golden brokers! Yes, you have to do all this if you want to invest your money in individual stocks.

Stock picking means you have the time and passion to do your due diligence. I commit myself to be updating this guide regularly to help you and other aspiring investors on how to start investing in stocks step by step by pointing them to the right brokers. I have spent days chatting with the support of brokerage firms trying to dig out all their fees and some extra fees and some hidden fees in small fonts, etc.

However, I encourage you to do your own research and compare brokerage fees as these change from day to day. They also offer international shares, bonds, ETFs and other securities but compared to other brokers their US share transaction costs are quite low. By the way, you have to go through an application in which they ask all sort of questions for security purposes and money laundering protection. To see all the minimum requirements check this page. There is a deposit hold of usually 3 business days. After that, you can always transfer money back to your bank account if you need.

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The first withdrawal in each month is free but any subsequent withdrawals come with a withdrawal fee. The money will be held in your account in the same currency as your deposit. So, please check with your bank. Regarding dividends that stocks pay out, these get deposited directly into your IB account. Their interface also gives you the option to reinvest your dividends, so in that case, you buy new shares in the open market. The new shares will be purchased on the morning of the trading day which follows the confirmation of receiving the dividends in their system.

As shares are purchased in the open market, generally at or near the opening of trading and subject to market conditions, the price cannot be determined until the total number of shares for all program participants have been purchased using combined funds. In the event that the purchase is executed in multiple smaller trades at varying prices, participants will receive the weighted-average price of such shares. Each investor in the platform will receive new shares at the same price otherwise they would make us angry of course.

If you own US shares you have to also pay dividend tax to the US government. This is the relevant article which shows in the first column the country you buy stocks in and in the second column your country. You have to report these only on your tax return in your country of residence. So, if you made a mistake, you have to restart a new application. If you change country of residence, you have to let them know.

If you have more questions about them, I would suggest that you start an application. Once you start an application a chat service becomes available which you can use to ask them any questions. I hope this chapter asked most of your questions but feel free to ask as many questions that may arise. Also, feel free to drop me an email with any questions you have. If you have done your due diligence and have found already a promising stock, check online and find financial managers that own the same stock. Research further their portfolios to look for other stocks with the same good qualities of your stock.

That will help you with your investment strategy and will develop your sense of picking the stocks with the same good characteristics. Of course, you should be always doing your due diligence on your new stock candidates but this way you have more chances of finding good stocks as opposed to picking candidates at random out there. He meant there are different ways you can pick good stocks. Different financial managers have a different approach but in the end, they all end up investing in the same good companies.

A great tip is to first hone your skills at picking stocks using an online demo account instead of investing with real money. You can set up demo accounts on sites like www. Nonrecurring costs for acquisitions. The result is that the managers shift their whole focus on driving the share price up instead of making the business better.

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They will do whatever it takes. They will even allow even obscure accounting practices towards this goal. The share price will hit the sky, they will exercise their options and will cash in usually by having the right to sell their shares back to the company. And a time will come when the roof will fall in. All the management efforts were wasted on making the company look good rather than be good. And the company will fire the manager. But the manager is not sad for being fired! No, no, no! Indeed he can earn more in that single day, while cleaning out his desk, than an American worker earns in a lifetime of cleaning toilets.

This is for example an annual meeting of the Schindler Group in the investor relations section of their website. If there is, it means that the new CEO is trying to get rid of bad people in the company. If that keeps forever though is obviously not healthy for a company. When investing in individual companies you should be always digging into their financial statements.

To give you an idea of this swing. This rally ended really bad with stocks going down Before the crash, more and more investors were willing to buy at higher prices unsustainable optimism whereas, after the crash, more and more investors were willing to sell at lower prices unjustifiable pessimism. The most important lesson is avoid losses.

The math shows is easy. If you invest x and lose 0. Most of the times, yes, the stock price represents the true value of a company based on its growth, earnings, and the value it gives back to its shareholders. However, there are times when everyone gets over excited and is willing to pay more than an objective value to get their hands on the stock. Think about this carefully. Buy that company and sit on their stock for a long time. YOU have control over your own decisions. No one can dictate how you should feel and react.

You are a human being with brain, experience, knowledge and values. You can think and decide for yourself. However, I have very good reasons for trying to catch him in the act. He's been trapping cats and taking them god knows where, never to be seen again. He trapped a neighbours cat, one of my cats and another 3 cats all have never returned home again. I finally caught him with one of mine and confronted him. However, I got an assault charge.

Yeah I attacked him, to try and save my cat. He hid the cat somewhere before I could get over to his place. I had to run around a couple houses to get to his. I clubbed him on the head and hand with a baton that has lead on the end of it and the cops came and arrested me. Later on when I got home, I couldn't find my cat anywhere. I was devastated that he got another one of my cats. I only have 3 two now. He managed to BS the cops so well that he made me look crazy. Well, to my surprise, 24hrs later my cat turned up howling at the front door.

I rushed him to the vet where they documented everything. His paw damage was obviously from a metal trap. I'm not crazy, I'm out to catch a psycho neighbour who hates cats. So now I have a camera facing my back yard, shed and well.. He's so irked that he shone a high powered LED light into it and caused it to go all blurry.

However, my camera only has to have a factory reset done to make it clear again. I have taken steps to put camera at an angle he can't blast light into it, but I can still see what he's up to in his yard. Freakin loser needs to be caught I'd rather put a bullet in his brain Hi, Calli, setting up a security camera is a wise option to catch your neighbor in the act. And you can show the police your video footage if the camera captures your neighbor trapping cats.

Again, thanks for sharing your experience with us. And thanks for acknowledging my really long comment. I'll get this guy caught yet. Patience is a virtue right?! Have there been any further developments with this problem neighbor? The idea of someone killing animals is disgusting, and it's a symptom of psychopathy. If someone were to harm my cat I'd find it very difficult to remain calm and composed.

Hey Julie, I attached a link for some cling stuff that I bought for my windows, for privacy. I have some on my kitchen window, bathroom window and on one of my living room windows. It was super easy to put on too. I buy everything on amazon. Great place to get stuff for privacy issues. I am also a neighbor with security cameras. I have firearms in my house legally purchased and stored. I placed cameras pointing at all entrances of my house. To protect myself and society from my guns getting into the wrong hands. One neighbor to the East broke the camera off my house I have him on video doing so.

Under our useless laws the police were not able to charge him. So I put one more camera pointing into his yard from where he reached over and broke off the camera. Hi, Vic, it is best not to point your security cameras to your neighbor's yard in avoidance of any privacy disputes. Hope this would help. You cannot reason with a drunk.

The cameras were pointed skirting the property line. He reached over and knocked it off. He is the criminal thug I am trying to get caught. If your cameras were actually only pointing at your own doors there wouldn't be a problem. You are no doubt peeping Tomming on your neighbor and they'd had it. I know the feeling. No sympathy for peeping Toms. They were skirting the property line. He had no right to reach across the fence and damage my home. That is vandalism. I'm sorry you had bad circumstances; did you ever think Vic's are different? He DID say the cams are pointing to his entrances I have a feeling there's much more to the story that you're not telling us.

No one gets three felonies on a simple assault charge, ever. I've got horrendous neighbours over the road.

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I'm in the country. They have put up about 6 long metal poles, about 30 metres in height and aimed multiple cameras to capture pretty much my entire property wirelessly. They asked me to cut my trees. Told them no, so they started drilling large nails into one that is obviously in the way of one of the cameras. That has now inspired me to grow many trees in their path. I've also built an extra high carport in my backyard, right in front of my shed to stop them looking at me whenever I walk into or out of my shed door.

All very legal — at least in my part. Not a single helpful tip in the entire thing. I have a camera in my window some aiming at my front porch. No biggie and not even near the point of a neighbors house or anything, just my own lil webcam to see who came over while I'm gone but at night the neighbors porch light is so bright that my night vision has a huge hot spot in it because of their porch light, anything I can add to or do to diffuse the light so it picks up my front porch better at night?

It's a decent camera with lots of settings but not near close enough to catch a neighbor's house or anything invasive and I wouldn't do that anyways just want to have my motion detection work at night if anyone comes up near my house is all. Hello, Barrett, you may communicate with your neighbor and ask them to change their porch light. So, if this doesn't help, to ensure that your webcam works properly at night, it is best to install it in another position to avoid being affected by the bright light.

Yeah she won't. She's an older lady and I do encourage everyone to use their lights at night, it really keeps the riff raff out of the neighborhood. I'm going to just mount it outside so the infrared doesn't bounce off the window I think It IS an outside cam technically but my eaves are low so someone could just knock it down but I think I'll mount it to the roof and just flip the image in the software, that'[d definitely fix my issue and while I ;like it wired for speed etc, It is wireless capable and literally just outside my computer room and up 10 feet so wifi should be perfectly fine Right, tell the neighbor you have a cam in case you have intruders, etc.

The whole point of a cam is to capture possible wrongful activities and you want to make it easy for people to intrude and get away with it?

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By reinforcing all the entrances to your house and monitor these areas with security cameras, you are able to protect your home from burglaries effectively. I agree, I would never ask my neighbors that and in fact I don't want any of my neighbors to not have their porch lights on.

If everyone actually use their porch lights and lit up their yards well at night it might just work for you and we may not even need security cams in some neighborhoods at least not as much. But a lot of my neighbors don't even turn their porch lights on and their yards are dark as a tomb just inviting a thief who no one would see whatsoever. Thanks but lol. I don't want them to touch their porch light and that sounds a bit ridiculous to even ask.

Everyone should use their porch lights and it might just stop the need for these cams and thwart thieves. I appreciate your comment so don't take me wrong but there's no way in hell my neighbor is going to agree to that and I would feel funny even asking which I wouldn't do anyway. Everyone should be using their front and back porch lights at night no matter what. The fact that people get robbed are because their yards are darker than a tomb in most cases. You could place something to block the light from your neighbor's porch light. That's probably the only real way to fix it.

Yeah I out a piece of black matte board over that part of my window. That's about all I can do. I WANT my neighbors to have their porch lights on IK know Can't buy a new cam just yet. Mine doesn't unfortunately. I have 4 all different brands and none have this feature. Do you know what brand does? I finally just put a piece of dark cardboard on my window to hide it and it helped but because my cameras are shooting through the window there's reflection. I don't want to mount them outside because I rent. Wide Dynamic Range cams solved this problem a long time ago But it's weird they call it a block area when it's not at all LOL.

For now I just put up a piece of cardboard in my window so that the LEDs don't reflect off of it the night vision LEDs, that allows it to really pick up the outside much better. It's not my neighbor's porch light as much as it is the reflection of the night vision rings in my window since I'm recording through a window and not hanging my cams outside because I rent.

Hello, there, it depends on how intense the laser is. However, we don't recommend you to do so since it may cause permanent damages to the IR filter and other units of the security camera and create legal issues. Hope this would clarify. How close is the camera, and why do you think it's a malicious act? CCTV cams have a red-glow from infra-red in darkness, but it doesn't mean you're the target.

If you're at ground-level, plant a fast growing tree or shrub directly in it's path, close your blinds and relax. Exactly, and most cameras wouldn't record a distinguishable image that far away especially at night anyway. I bet his camera can't even pick up a decent image half that far.

Most cameras can't even the super high-end ones they're made for about 30 m tops. Some judges WILL demand the cameras be taken down for invasion of privacy issues If you win, the camera guy pays. Shut your blinds There's nothing you can do legally. The only thing you can do is just not give him a reason to want to record. It's probably not purposely pointing into your bedroom it's just pointing out of his home to his property. Most cams wouldn't pick up what's going on in the house across the street unless they are very high-end. I have a high-end cameras and there's no way I could see through my neighbor's window and into their home at night especially.

My neighbour has been gaining access to my home for quite sometime now and although I have had 3 cctv cameras installed he is still getting in. How he is evading the cameras I do not know yet. What I would like to know is can it be possible that he can make the camera go still as if its just a picture whilst the time still runs, because I have gone through all the playbacks and there is no sign of him just audio sounds of him moving about. Hello Lyn, there is no such a way to make the camera go still while the time still runs.