Realm of the Reaper (Everworld, Book 4)

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It gives some insight into exactly why Jalil is present. Where April is her half-sister, Christopher her ex and David her current boyfriend, Jalil didn't really fit with them.

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But Senna specifically chose him to be there. In a series that can be rather creepy and gruesome, Realm of the Reaper was probably the creepiest.

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But it was still a really good read. Now I can't wait for Discover the Destroyer which is once again narrated by David. Posted by Shauna at PM. Labels: Ever World , K. Applegate , young adult. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Actually, Senna was probably the oddest aspect of his life. She was beautiful. But there was something very different about her.

Something strange. And on the day it began, everything happened so quickly.

Everworld - Book 4 - Realm of the Reaper

One moment, Senna was with him. The next, she was swallowed up by the earth. Her screams echoing from far, far away. David couldn't just let her go. Neither could the others. His friends - and hers. So, they followed.

Book Nook Review: Everworld: Realm of the Reaper by K.A Applegate

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