Remote Sensing and GIS Accuracy Assessment

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The result is an error matrix and a error raster that shows the errors in the map where each value is a class of comparison between classification and reference shapefile. The following are the results of the accuracy assessment. Here you can download the error matrix and the error raster. The main advantage of this method is that we can assess the accuracy over homogeneous surfaces defined with automatic ROI creation, and not only on single points.

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It is worth highlighting that Landsat resolution i. Finally, the error of photo-interpretation should be considered, which can affect the accuracy assessment.

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Remote Sensing and GIS Accuracy Assessment / Edition 1

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1. Introduction

The effects of classification accuracy on landscape indices. Assessing uncertainty in spatial landscape metrics derived from remote sensing data.

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Components of agreement between categorical maps at multiple resolutions. Accuracy assessments of airborne hyperspectral data for mapping opportunistic plant species in freshwater coastal wetlands.

A technique for assessing the accuracy of subpixel impervious surface estimates derived from landsat TM imagery. Area and positional accuracy of DMSP nighttime lights data. Du kanske gillar. Road Trip! Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit.

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  • Skickas inom vardagar. The development of robust accuracy assessment methods for the validation of spatial data represents a difficult challenge for the geospatial science community.

    Accuracy Assessment for Image Classification

    Obstacles to robust assessments include continuous data characteristics and positional errors, demanding ongoing development by GIS and remote sensing experts. Based upon a special symposium sponsored by the U. Scientists from federal, state, and local governments, academia, and nongovernmental organizations present twenty technical chapters that examine sampling issues, reference data collection, edge and boundary effects, error matrix and fuzzy assessments, error budget analysis, and change detection accuracy assessment.

    The book includes the keynote presentation by Russell G. Congalton that provides a historical accuracy assessment overview, articulatescurrent technical shortcomings, and identified numerous issues that were debated throughout the symposium.