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From Terraria Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Internal Buff ID : Summons Minion. Stardust Guardian in action. Stardust Helmet. Internal Item ID : Result Ingredients Crafting station Stardust Helmet. A player with Stardust Armor and a Stardust Guardian. Desktop version. Console version. Switch version. Mobile version. Luminite Solar Vortex Nebula Stardust. All Luminite.

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Solar Fragment Items. Vortex Fragment Items. Nebula Fragment Items. Stardust Fragment Items. Equipable Items: Armor Accessories Combat. Accessories Dyes.

Ancient Helmet. Ancient Cobalt. Wood : Pearlwood. Frostspark Lightning Rocket Spectre.

Stardust - Stone Source

Blizzard Cloud Fart Sandstorm Tsunami. Obsidian Lava Waders. Developer Accessories. Pants: Djinn's Curse. Party : Silly Sunflower. Halloween : Bride of Frankenstein Cat Ears. Christmas : Elf Mrs.

Streamer items. During a supernova, when a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the resulting high energy environment enables the creation of even heavier elements, and disperses all this matter across the whole universe. It can be used and transformed by the next generation of stars, or it can agglomerate into planets. On Earth, hydrogen and helium make up only a small part of our environment. All the other elements were formed in the deep cosmos, by the generations of stars preceding our sun, billions of years ago. Any life form that originates from Earth, is necessarily created by same stellar matter.

Everything around us is stellar matter. Our bodies are stellar matter. There could be no life without the death of stars. We are the children of these deceased stars. This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Thank you so much for making it! It really helps me concentrate when I need to study and I love how you can personalise this. I deeply admire how much work has been put into this website - it is truly spectacular. I've lost all sense of up or down, and my consciousness faded away into the stars. It's amazing what music can do. I love that I, and everything and everyone around me, are made of stardust. Thank you for giving this to me in auditory form! Makes me feel way less anxious because I love having some kind of background noise!

It has many collections of sounds. I clicked this website whenever I need to relax, listen to soothing sounds. I just adore space-like atmospheres. I'm asperger autistic and rather restless, so I absolutely appreciate it to loose my sense of time for a bit, stop thinking about everything at once. Especially to sleep, I use this site to imagine the scenery rather than jumping from thought to thought like usual.

A very big thank you to the creator to make this possible for everyone. I'm so thankful that this site exists, before I found this site I would have to blast music through my headphones just to drown out everyday noises which became very exhausting. Now I can actually relax and even sleep for a change.

It is like remembering having been to space, working in a mine in some Jupiter moon, like I can really see myself there even though it has never happened. This noise, coupled with Saturn Rings, is the best thing to happen to me since lo-fi hip-hop. Chilling space ambience does wonders to my workflow and doesn't make my head feel like a furnace even after having the sound on for several hours staight. Thanks Dr.

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Pigeon, you should do more space theme ones. These are amazing and extremely calming when I am with my grumpy gram-pa who won't turn off his radio in Russia. This is one of my favorite generators. The low tones blend together really well and help me keep my brain on track when I'm writing essays. Engines work quietly beneath my feet and nebulae float past the window. It sounds like I'm really in space!

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It's so amazingly beautiful. It makes me think of ancient space technology.

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It's very soothing. I love how I can just melt peacefully away. I feel like just drifting away, enveloped in the stars. I feel like my inner quarrels are calmed for once. Watching the beautiful worlds pass by me as I drift, I feel tranquility that could last forever. Secret of how it all began. It's strangely moving and focusing. Like the background hum of the universe. It's like admire the universe at the time when the first stars were created. Such an amazing experience! It's like your place isn't here, but is among the stars.

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It feels like it's talking in another language, almost.