Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality (Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences)

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Below is a selection of electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. Online Bibliographies The Men's Bibliography Compiled by Michael Flood and originally published in , the Men's Bibliography, 20th Edition is a comprehensive bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities.

Davidson, this bibliography aggregates and summarizes existing empirical research on gender bias and discrimination in academia. About Reference Sources Reference works, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, provide background information on a topic and are especially useful at the beginning of a research project. They can help you: get an overview of a topic gather fast facts define terms, theories, and people in an area focus your argument find further readings written by experts in the field.

Online Reference Sources Below is a selection of electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. Credo Reference Credo is an online collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, etc. Francoeur Editor ; Raymond J. Noonan Editor. Encyclopedia of Gender and Society by Jodi A. O'Brien Editor. Summers Editor. Plante Editor. What is epistemic injustice and how can such injustice be addressed?

Black Feminist Literary Theory and Practice. This seminar examines literary theories that address the representation and construction of race, gender, and sexuality, particularly, but not exclusively, theories formulated and articulated by Afra-diasporic women such as Spillers, Ogunyemi, Henderson, Carby, Christian, Cobham, Valerie Smith, McDowell, Busia, Lubiano, and Davies.

Cross-listed in Africana, and gender and sexuality studies. Strongly recommended: at least one literature course. The Politics of Authenticity. Is there such a thing as an authentic self? If so, can politics help us realize it?

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In this writing-attentive course, students discuss what the politics of authenticity is or might be, how it has been conceptualized in American politics and Western political theory, and why it has become an object of widespread suspicion and continuing appeal. Students examine how authenticity has been posited and contested in three different domains: in the history of Western political thought; in feminist, queer, and transgender writings; and in discussions of race. Students become acquainted with film, comics, music, fiction and nonfiction narratives that engage border tensions and issues of immigration in English and Spanish.

Concepts such as sense of place, mobility, and permanence; histories of place; place of enunciation; transnational historical memory of migration; and transnational historical networks are utilized as critical lenses to analyze gendered experiences of migration. Taught in Spanish. Recommended background: SPAN Tobacco: Gender Matters. In the opening episode of the television show Mad Men , entitled "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," cigarettes feature as the primary signifier of mid-twentieth-century social norms and cultural divides.

As Mad Men suggests, tobacco matters to our ability to understand the formation of cultural values and divides. In this reading- and research-intensive seminar, students use gender and queer theory to examine the global history of tobacco production, consumption, and control.

Through historical and comparative study they consider the role of tobacco in shaping ideas about gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and class. Topics include the political economy of tobacco, tobacco control movements, tobacco and human rights, and health equity. Performance, Narrative, and the Body.

Students examine how the "body" is performed and how narrative is constructed in a variety of different contexts such as race, gender, disease, sexuality, and culture. The course places narrative and performance at the center rather than the margins of inquiry, asking how far and how deeply performativity reaches into our lives and how performances construct our identities, differences, and our bodies: who we are and who we can become.

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Cross-listed in Africana, American studies, anthropology, and gender and sexuality studies. Recommended background: course work in Africana, American studies, anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, politics, or sociology. Women, Culture, and Health. This course examines a variety of perspectives on women's health issues, including reproductive health, body image, sexuality, substance use and abuse, mental health, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, poverty, work, violence, access to health care, and aging.

Each topic is examined in sociocultural context, and the complex relationship between individual health and cultural demands or standards is explored. Langdon, K. Gendering Social Awareness in Contemporary Spain. In this course, students use gender as the main category of analysis, paying particular attention to its interconnectedness with power. Carefully examining texts written by women in contemporary Spain, students explore the deliberate use of gender as a lens through which to understand different forms of domination—economic, political, and social.

Instructor permission is required. Trans Studies in the Politics of Visibility. Yet who is visible, what constitutes visibility, and whom do particular visibilities benefit? This course uses a trans studies framework to consider both the products and the politics of visibility. Recommended background: at least one course with substantial work in gender, queer, or trans studies or the study of visual culture. This course introduces public and digital humanities through the life and work of noted journalist, food anthropologist, and public broadcaster Vertamae Grosvenor.

Public humanities is concerned with expanding academic discourse beyond academia and facilitating conversations on topics of humanistic inquiry with the community at large.

Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences : Identities, Politics, and Theories

Digital studies provide a plethora of unconventional ways to engage community in public dialogues for the greater good. Drawing from books, operas, NPR audio segments, interviews, cookbooks, and other artifacts of Grosvenor, students create and curate a digital archive. Themes include Gullah culture, African American migration, foodways, memoir, public memory, and monuments. Leading theories and methods of black feminism, material culture, race, food studies, new media and digital humanities are foregrounded.

Cross-listed in Africana, American studies, digital and computational studies, and gender and sexuality studies. Critical theory unravels streams of repressive discourses and hierarchies in our contemporary world, and artists have fostered ruptures and fissures in everyday life. This seminar ponders the concept of "cultural worker" and laments the domain of theory by exploring the intersections between critical theory, art, and cultural politics.

Students engage in the ruptures, the fragments of knowledge, and making sense of the residue of "social change" while not forgetting the problematization of the aesthetic. They consider U. This seminar is based on close readings of theoretical texts and connecting those texts with contemporary cultural politics.

Marriage in America. Investigates the surprising history of ideas and practices of marriage in the United States and U. Paying special attention to the idealization of intimate romantic love in contemporary popular culture, readings and discussions explore the interplay of citizenship, religion, consumption, labor, reproduction, sexuality, and racialized gender in an institution often portrayed as at the center of American life.

Independent Study. Students, in consultation with a faculty advisor, individually design and plan a course of study or research not offered in the curriculum. Course work includes a reflective component, evaluation, and completion of an agreed-upon product.

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Students may register for no more than one independent study per semester. Special Topics. A course or seminar offered from time to time and reserved for a special topic selected by the Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies. Education in a Globalized World.

We live in an era characterized by global flows of ideas and information, commodities, and people.


In this course students examine the impacts of globalization on education policy and practice. Students explore how these transformative forces influence schools and schooling in different geographical, national, and cultural contexts. Topics address a set of concerns with enduring resonance to the field of educational studies, including social inequity and change; relations of power; and constructions of race, gender, and social class.

A thirty-hour field experience is required. Work, Family, and Social Inclusion. This seminar explores debates in the research and policy literatures on work, family, and social inequality, particularly in the United States. Topics include family policy, poverty, reproduction, partnerships, parenting, and the integration of work and family. All of these topics are addressed with attention to social inclusion and exclusion on the basis of intersecting social inequalities, including race, class, gender, sexuality, and nation, as well as critical analysis of neoliberal approaches to work and family.

Knowledge, Action, and Social Change. This seminar explores the politics of knowledge and the potential role of research in advancing social justice and social change.

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Students consider competing perspectives on the public relevance of academic research, including debates within sociology and feminist studies. With those debates as context, students conduct publicly-engaged work through community-based research projects on issues related to social inequality. Junior-Senior Seminar. This seminar is an advanced inquiry into feminist and queer theories and methods. Students also investigate the development of core theories and methods within gender and sexuality studies. Required of all majors and minors.

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Normally, one level seminar is offered each year. GSS C. Understanding Disease. Intensive reading seminar examining the nature, causes, and consequences of human disease and illness. Students consider biomedicals model of disease; the professionalization of medical care; and the role of class, nation, gender, sexuality, and race in disease research and treatment. Prerequisite s : five core courses in gender and sexuality studies.

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GSS D. Global Feminisms. Explores feminist, queer, and trans movements in transnational perspective. Topics include divisions of labor, immigration and migration, decolonization, and cultural imperialism. Students analyze local and international social movements and examine multiple definitions of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and nationhood. Herzig, M. Senior Thesis. The research and writing of an extended essay or report, or the completion of a creative project, under the supervision of a faculty member.

Majors normally register for GSS in the winter semester. Majors writing an honors thesis register for both GSS and Popular representations of digital technologies often present them as somehow independent of material constraints—as inherently clean, "green," and ethereal as a cloud. Those images belie the realities of the information economy's myriad environmental impacts, from resource depletion to water pollution to massive energy consumption.

This course, an introduction to the history and politics of infrastructure, directs attention to relationships between human and nonhuman nature, using everyday personal computing as a point of departure. Throughout, students engage with activists, regulators, and maintainers working toward justice and sustainability in the digital age.

Not open to seniors. Gender and Tobacco. This course explores the sociohistorical complexities of tobacco and the political economies of tobacco production, consumption, and regulation. Technical Report. Communities and Local Government Publications. Communities and Local Government Publications, Leeds. Learning and Skills Council. Monro, Surya Transgender: Destabilising Feminism? In: Sexuality and the Law: feminist engagements. Routledge-Cavendish, pp. Sociological research online, 17 1. Monro, Surya Ordering sexuality: new institutionalism and equalities work in local government. Monro, Surya Evaluating local government equalities work: The case of sexualities initiatives in the UK.

Local Government Studies, 32 1. In: A new youth? Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. Monro, Surya Fragmented genders: Theoretical explorations and practical implications. Monro, Surya Gender politics: Activism, citizenship and sexual diversity. Pluto Press, London. International Journal of Transgenderism, 8 1. Monro, Surya Theorising gender diversity. Sexualities, 7 3. Critical Social Policy, 23 4. Cooper, Davina and Monro, Surya Governing from the margins: queering the state of local government?

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Contemporary Politics, 9 3. Res Publica, 8 3. The role of compacts in local governance. Policy Press, Bristol. In: Unseen Genders: beyond the binaries. Eruptions: New Feminism Across the Disciplines,