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Aircrew were armed with twin M60 flexible mounts in each door. UH-1 helicopters were used in many roles including troop transport, medevac and Bushranger gunships for armed support. Between and , the squadron contributed aircraft and aircrew to the Australian helicopter detachment which formed part of the Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping force in the Sinai Peninsula , Egypt.

The last flight occurred in Brisbane on that day with the aircraft replaced by MRH medium helicopters and Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopters. The Royal Australian Navy 's Squadron also operated seven UH-1B from to , with three of these aircraft lost in accidents during that time. UH-1s were operated by El Salvador Air Force, being at its time the biggest and most experienced combat helicopter force in Central and South America, fighting during 10 years and being trained by US Army in tactics developed during the Vietnam War. Israel withdrew its UH-1s from service in , after thirty three years of service.

They were replaced by Sikorsky UH Blackhawk helicopters beginning with an initial batch of 10 delivered in While some were passed on to pro-Israeli militias in Lebanon, eleven other UH-1Ds were reportedly sold to a Singapore-based logging company but were, instead, delivered in October to the Rhodesian Air Force to skirt the UN endorsed embargo imposed during the Rhodesian Bush War. Two UH-1s were deployed to Pakistan for earthquake disaster relief in The aircraft are also used to conduct water bombing against fires.

Special mounts engineered by the Lebanese army were added to the sides of each Huey to carry the high explosive bombs.

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All of the UH-1D aircraft were upgraded to 1H specification during the s. Two ex-U. Army UH-1H attrition airframes were purchased in , one of which is currently in service. Three aircraft have been lost in accidents.

This process was initially expected to be completed by the end of , but was delayed until Individual aircraft were retired as they reach their next major 'group' servicing intervals; the UH-1H is to be retired as the NH90 fleet is stood up. During 49 years of service the type had seen service in areas including the U. Colonel Kilgore. After much work these then formed No.

Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) Series; Wars and Conflicts, Vietnam War. [photograph]

At least another three were lost. The survivors were put up for sale in These remained grounded for almost all the time they were in Yemen; at least one helicopter was heavily damaged during Saudi-led airstrikes on Al Daylami and Al Anad Air bases.

Note: In U. The military does not use I India or O Oscar for aircraft designations to avoid confusion with "one" and "zero" respectively. The image of American troops disembarking from a Huey has become an iconic image of the Vietnam War, and can be seen in many films, video games and television shows on the subject, as well as more modern settings.

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